About Us

ALTTRIX ONLINE SUPER STORE provides a wide and comprehensive range of

  • electronics, mobile hardware & software solutions,
  • cloud storage,
  • networking,
  • virtualization,
  • security,
  • industrial servers,
  • high end workstations,
  • advanced imaging and advanced printing solutions.
  • internet of things (IoT) products,
  • mobile security
  • digital content distribution, management infrastructure solutions
  • flexible display technology

We are labeled as a true solutions provider and the partner of choice for many businesses around the world.

What we do
The value we bring to our customers.

Managed IT services
ALTTRIX provides delivery and management of internet, website, network-based, application, data, and equipment services.

Products, Services and Solutions
ALTTRIX is a leading provider of a broad range of top name-brand IT computing products, software and advanced IT services helping companies
around the world. We are situated in major cities around the globe and serves clients in over 100 countries.

Test our products before we market
There is one common rule at ALTTRIX before we sell any products or solutions. We TEST each and every product for validity and integrity. We take
pride in making sure our employees are well versed and trained on our products.

Where we deliver
North\South America, Europe and Asia.

Covering you from coast to coast and around the world.
ALTTRIX is situated and headquartered in New York City, NY. We have locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

  • We have some of the most advanced technical labs and workbenches in the world.
  • We invest thousands of dollars in the education and certification of our personnel.
  • We test all of our vendor solutions in-house before we go to market.

Our Advantages 
We employ some of the best of breed professionals, engineers and innovators. We have key and affluent advisory council members that provide us
insight into emerging markets and future industry trends that our valued customers need.

Our dedicated employees
Our employees come from a wide variety of technology backgrounds. Our valued personnel have been trained to deliver top customer service
satisfaction. Dissatisfied customers is not an option.

Our Values
United we stand, together we deliver is our motto. Working together, respect, integrity, high performance, growth.


ALTTRIX is focused on five core service divisions.  We aim to provide the best expertise and peace of mind to our customers at the best value always.

AMX uses a team of highly experienced and certified professionals to provide project management consulting and software development expertise. Our Project Management services integrates software knowledge and software development, skills, latest  tools and techniques to program, prepare, manage, and secure resources to transcend client’s expectations. We customized each project based on its specific objectives.

A division of ALTTRIX, we are a specialized creative firm with extensive knowledge in creative design, digital video production, graphic arts, special effects, 3D, digital marketing creativity, digital publishing and showtime, our broadcast streaming and distribution platform. DMS focuses in 4 key areas: Creative Services, Marketing Services, Digital Services, Broadcast Services

We’re one of the fastest growing service providers of the virtual Office Cloud for small businesses and professionals. We’re a one stop shop for business applications and IT services. We offer: email services, voice services, collaboration services, identity management.

DMX provides digital marketing services for our customers. Our services comprises of text messaging management, email marketing management, social media marketing, voice broadcast and marketing campaign management all from the cloud.

Take your voice, video or web presentation sot the next level. If your business needs to conduct audio, video or webinar conferences with a high resolution, no latency, no downtime experience, ALTTRIX AVW is the platform you need. Need help navigating or operating your session, no worries, we’re online for you via chat to help you every step of the way.

Be it a high-rise office building, state-of-the-art logistics infrastructure system or a large scale industrial development, the need to achieve value for your money is imperative to every investment and or purchasing strategy.

We have on board some of the most well-experirenced CPAs from around the world. They are not only experts in fiance and cost management, but they are very well versed in tax laws, foreign government laws with financial regulatory systems.

Our guarantee of service excellence is based on pay for performance stages, nothing more, nothing less. We truly give you more for what you pay for.

Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, OLED projection and e-paper to display digital images, video, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus, or text.

At ALTTRIX Digitial Signage Displays, we offer a complete end to end solution. From choosing a wide variety of displays sizes or makes to defining and designing the media content you or company wants to convey to your audience.

Our digital signage project management team will create a comprehensive project proposal needs analysis that will create the most impactful presentation and messaging.

ALTTRIX ONLINE STORE (alttrixstore.com)
Provides a wide and comprehensive range of next generation mobile and electronic products. We carry over 500,000 items from distributors and manufacturers from all over the world.

GDT provides Mobile Device Management and Cost Management Services of your entire mobile device fleet. Let it be cell phones, tablets, notebooks or GPS devices, we got you covered on a global scale. Some of the advanced features we offer in Mobile Device Management are Over-the-air-distribution, Mulitple Operating System Support, Device and App Security, Enterprise Level Application Management, Advanced Network Acces Control, Advanced Fleet Management Reporting, Advanced Integration with 3rd Party Devices and Applications and much more.
GDT provides a paramount commitment and the best in class service the industry can offer in uncovering significant savings in your monthly telecom and landline expenditures. Our cost savings value is in providing key and valuable mobile carrier service packages, analytical reporting on mobile usage, a solid platform base to manage your devices anywhere, at any time, and the ability to have full control in obtaining the highest return on your investment.

We carry a full line of accessories, carrying and portability solutions, power supplies, automotive/ watercraft/aviation accessories for the mobile user.

ooohTV (oooh.tv) Coming Soon
ooohTV  benefits from a wide variety of cutting edge, web 2.0+ web publishing and media syndication tools.

At ALTTRIX, you can rely on us with confidence and trust and know that all of our services are backed by above industry guarantees.

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